Their mission is to provide the highest quality cannabis products and to promote the positive benefits of the plant. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, Connected has expanded their reach for cannabis enthusiasts and medical patients alike.


Connected was born in a different era, now commonly known as the legacy market—before cannabis became mainstream and dispensaries became as common as corner stores. Our founder, Caleb, started this journey in 2009, when access to quality cannabis was extremely limited. He simply wanted the best and couldn’t find it, so he decided to make it himself and the world followed. This move positioned Connected at the forefront of a movement, igniting a new era in the cannabis industry, and paving the way for a whole new class of brands worldwide. Today, Connected Cannabis Co. stands as a leading vertically integrated cannabis company with far- reaching operations in California, Arizona, and Florida. Rooted in over a decade of knowledge and practice, Connected’s mission lies in breeding, growing, manufacturing, and distributing premium cannabis at scale. As we navigate the waves of change within this industry, our team strives to uphold our mission and have managed to retain a culture hell bent on staying true to our vision.


Dosi n Banana Hybrid

Permanent Marker Indica

10 Bands Sativa

Tropical Z Sativa

Cherry Fade Hybrid

Pantera Limone Sativa

Wipeout Indica

The Chemist sativa

Superdog Sativa

St Lucia OG Hybrid

Slow Lane Indica

Rainbow Sherb Hybrid

Nightshade Indica

Lemonatti Sativa

Hitch hicker Indica

Highrise Sativa

Hermosa Kush Sativa

Gushers Indica

Guava 2.0 Indica

Gelonade Sativa

Biscotti Indica

Gelato 41 Indica

Electric Blue Sativa

Bad Apple Hybrid


Hybrid, Indica, Sativa




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