Sauce Essential Live Resin Disposable Vapes 1 Gram Assorted Flavors


Our story

In 2018, Sauce set out on a mission to create exceptional cannabis products that you could trust and provided users with a quality experience, no matter what their vibe was. Once the original Sauce Bars hit the market, our team knew we had something special. With a spirit of innovation, brand consistency, and high standards, we sought to broaden these qualities to more areas of the cannabis industry and introduced new product lines including Dream Pen CBN vapes, Smokes Infused Pre-rolls, and Bursts high potency gummies. Now in 6 states and growing, we aim to take our special blend of authenticity and community to everyone; you’re part of the Sauce crew, whatever your vibe may be.
Grandaddy Purp – 1G Live Resin Infused (Indica)
Blueberry Kush – 1G Live Resin Infused (Indica)
Strawberry Cough – 1G Live Resin Infused (Sativa)
Aloha Express – 1G Live Resin Infused (Sativa)
Zkittles – 1G Live Resin Infused (Indica)
Apple Fritter – 1G Live Resin Infused (Hybrid)
Gelato – 1G Live Resin Infused (Hybrid)
Ghost Train Haze – 1G Live Resin Infused (Sativa)
Jack Diesel – 1G Live Resin Infused (Indica)
White Widow (Hybrid)
Blueberry Kush (Indica)
Kings Kush – 1G Live Resin Infused (Indica)
Strawberry Cough (Sativa)
Aloha Express (Sativa)
Kings Kush (Indica)
Apple Fritter (Hybrid)
Ghost Train Haze (Sativa)
Zkittles (Indica)
Animal Mintz – 1G Live Resin Infused (Indica-Hybrid)
Grandaddy Purp (Indica)

Sativa, Hybrid, Indica




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