This 510 vape cartridge has been built to exacting specifications specifically for pure live resin oil that was made by blasting fresh frozen flower through a hydrocarbon extraction process. Our Pink Sherbs live resin brings a strong strawberry profile with hints of sweet cream that harken back to its Gelato roots. Cult-favourite SHERBINSKIS is one of the most revered cannabis brands in the world. SHERBINSKIS originates from the Sunset District of San Francisco, California where it established itself as a leader in bringing novel genetics, like Sunset Sherbs, to market.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Introducing 0.5G Live Rosin Disposable by Sherbinski ?

A top-tier cannabis product renowned for its remarkable potency and impeccable quality.

This disposable offers a potent and balanced high, beginning with a euphoric cerebral uplift that enhances creativity and focus, followed by a deep, relaxing body effect perfect for unwinding.

Its flavor profile features a rich, complex blend of fresh pine, citrus, and sweet floral undertones, providing a sophisticated and enjoyable taste experience.

Utilizing a premium live rosin extraction method, Sherbinski ensures the preservation of the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes for an authentic, true-to-plant experience.

Available Strains:
Pink cherry gelato
Acia berry gelato
Black sesame




Sativa, Hybrid, Indica




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